Never before has it been more important to deal with a trusted and reputable ICT company.

Our customised IT Support Services include:

Custom-built computer systems to suit

  • Expert advice on hardware / system requirements (no unnecessary/costly devices)

  • Ensure suitability, compatibility & reliability of hardware and software requirements

  • Installation and configuration of all business IT devices

  • Partner with HelpDesk® Certified IT technicians who are familiar with your business environment

Installation and set-up of business software 

  • Advanced Data Monitoring systems

  • Configure and best optimise software components for your business requirements

  • Integration of Cloud based software programs / apps / API’s

Data Migration and Recovery services

  • Migrate software programs over to new business systems

  • Recover user data and information utilising the latest advanced Data Recovery technologies

Back-up solutions

  • Implement secure hardware / software data backup system/s using the latest backup technology methods available.

Social Media account security

  • Advanced business security auditing across all platforms

Cloud Computing solutions for Business

  • Fastest data upload speeds in Queensland

  • Cloud setup, configuration and security

  • Training and Ongoing support

  • Secure accessibility from anywhere

  • Real time collaborative working

  • Team/employee dedicated folders

  • Private folders

  • Transparency between employees and managers

  • File recovery options

Managed Maintenance Services

  • Maintenance support across all devices

  • Monthly IT support plans or on an "as required" basis

  • Website and Social Media network updates

  • Operating System and Software updates and bug fixes

  • Additional special software application support

Business  website & email

  • Build / Maintain professional Mobile Friendly website

  • SEO optimised & ongoing support services

  • Linked with social media accounts

  • Email & Business Marketing campaigns

Security monitoring for all devices

  • Enhanced security software to minimise risk

  • Advanced security risk warnings

  • Linking devices on secure network systems

Just some of the businesses who benefit from HelpDesk® ICT Services :

Advanced configuration. Employing our knowledge of available hardware & software technologies and operating system customisation, we can guarantee that your computing devices will experience higher levels of performance, durability, security & stability.