Never before has it been more important to deal with a trusted and reputable ICT company.

HelpDesk® Business Advantage™ saves you time and money in the long run, you will benefit from having an IT department without the expensive running costs associated.  

Partnering with The HelpDesk® you benefit from an experienced, professional company that operates closely with your business to provide IT infrastructure support for all of your technology requirements.

Whether you are an established business, or a start-up company, we can provide tailor-made support packages to reduce your expenses by delivering the most cost effective solutions. 

Employing the services of a professional IT Services company ensures your systems are configured correctly and securely whilst enjoying the cost and time saving advantages all of the latest IT technology has to offer.

Our customised IT Support Services include:

Custom-built desktop computers to suit suit all business industries.

  • Expert advice on hardware / system requirements (no unnecessary/costly devices)

  • Ensure suitability, compatibility & reliability of hardware and software requirements

  • Installation and configuration of all business IT devices

  • Partner with HelpDesk® Certified IT technicians who are familiar with your business environment

Installation and set-up of business software 

  • Advanced Data Monitoring systems

  • Configure and best optimise software components for your business requirements

  • Integration of Cloud based software programs / apps / API’s

Data Migration and Recovery services

  • Migrate software programs over to new business systems

  • Recover user data and information utilising the latest advanced Data Recovery technologies

Back-up solutions

  • Implement secure hardware / software data backup system/s using the latest backup technology methods available.

Social Media account security

  • Advanced business security auditing across all platforms

Cloud Computing solutions for Business

  • Fastest data upload speeds in Queensland

  • Cloud setup, configuration and security

  • Training and Ongoing support

  • Secure accessibility from anywhere

  • Real time collaborative working

  • Team/employee dedicated folders

  • Private folders

  • Transparency between employees and managers

  • File recovery options

Maintenance services for hardware and software

  • Maintenance support across all devices

  • Monthly IT support plans or on an "as required" basis

  • Website and Social Media network updates

  • Operating System and Software updates and bug fixes

  • Additional special software application support

Business  website & email

  • Build / Maintain professional Mobile Friendly website

  • SEO optimised & ongoing support services

  • Linked with social media accounts

  • Email & Business Marketing campaigns

Security monitoring for all devices

  • Enhanced security software to minimise risk

  • Advanced security risk warnings

  • Linking devices on secure network systems

Just some of the businesses who benefit from HelpDesk® ICT Services :


Advanced configuration. Employing our knowledge of available hardware & software technologies and operating system customisation, we can guarantee that your computing devices will experience higher levels of performance, durability, security & stability.